* OMEN Special Airing Tomorrow : Healing Times w/ Dr. Emmitt Miller ~

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday morning from 11am to 12pm PST, as Dr. Miller interviews Dr. Len Saputo on lifestyle during a special airing of HEALING TIMES with Dr. Emmett Miller ~

Emmett Miller, MD is a physician, author, poet, musician, and master storyteller whose multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective. One of the pioneers of Mind/Body Medicine, HEALING TIMES with Dr. Emmett Miller explores Mind/Body Health and how to reclaim our inherent personal wisdom integrating scientific knowledge and techniques of modern medicine. Author of Deep Healing & Our Culture on the Couch : Seven Steps to Global Healing, Dr. Miller's mission is to help us heal ourselves so that we can in turn, heal our planet.

website : www.drmiller.com ~