Haunted Red Moose Cafe - Live Remote * Friday 9pm to Midnight

Open Mind Radio invites you to hear a truly amazing live show, that will take you on an adventure through the Golden Sierra Mountains to the haunted town of Sierra City, California. Broadcasting Paranormal Activity live from the Red Moose Cafe, Halloween Night from 9pm to Midnight.

Tami, the manager of the Red Moose Cafe, and her family have had so many ghostly encounters at the Red Moose Cafe that when asked if their location is haunted, the response is very much a matter of fact. Tami, her husband Nate, her three children,various friends, and guest have had regular encounters with paranormal activity. Ondre, an internationally respected natural healer and medium, will be exploring the building and reporting on activity that he sees and senses. Open Mind Radio will be interviewing family members and friends about their hair raising experiences, bring you a truly spooky Halloween Special.

This is a show that will have you on the edge of your seats, listen live on www.openmindradio.com

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