Time Change !

Just for the record, Pacific Standard Time is now on the same time zone as Standard Mountain Time. A few of our simulcasted radio programs have changed time slots due to the recent time changes, this includes:
*Talk w/ Ondre
- which airs Thursday Evenings now at 7-9pm PST
*Paranormal Investigation w/ Ondre
- which airs Sunday Evenings now at 8-10pm PST

***** We appreciate your patience as we update our Program Schedule - if you have any questions email them to : radio@openmindradio.com

OMEN - Studio Updates

Thank you for your patience, while we update our broadcast system. We are making changes to our website and updating our studio equipment, to bring you the highest quality broadcasting available. Due to that, some of our live radio shows are not currently being broadcast. Please stay tuned and enjoy our music selection.