Sea Horse Exhibit ~

Great destination vacation for Father's Day weekend ~

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's newest exhibit is "The Secret Lives of Sea Horses, with heads like horses, tails like monkeys and pouches like kangaroos, these fascinating fishes are anything but ordinary...."

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EWG : Dirty Dozen ~

Find out which fruits & vegetables topped the list of the consistently most contaminated ~
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Environmental Working Group : New Shopping Guide to Pesticides

Art Cars ~

This is Ripper the friendly shark, he began life as a Nissan Sentra and is just one of many creations roaming out on the open road. You can view an editorial slideshow collection of Art Cars online at: From dragons to torpedoes to sharks to telephones, having been transformed by owners who consider the car a canvas rather than just a simple mode of transportation. They use paint, glue, caulk, sheet metal and screws — along with elements of "artistic" flair. A non-profit museum will be built in several phases over the next three years, and will open its doors to the public in the fall of 2010. The Art Cars shown here are currently at Art Car World and will be available for viewing by the public by personal appointment only starting in Fall 2008. For appointments and further information, please email: or write to: Art Car World, 450 East 8th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607 ~

1 out of 700,000 ~

The odds of being struck by lightning are 700,000 to 1 - but a 14 year old Oregon boy can tell you that if you decide to walk across an open field during a thunderstorm, they get a whole lot better. All he can remember is that he was playing basket ball inside the School Gym after school, the lights went out, a group of him and his friends went outside, and he walked aross the feild ... the next thing he new he woke up laying on the ground. The lightning struck him on the right side of the head and exited his ankle. He was burned but is alive and in good spirits just 5 days after this accident. He jokes: " Some people are calling me Miracle Boy, but i kind of like Sparky! " ... for the full story visit:

WARNING FYI : A storm does not have to be directly overhead to be dangerous. The weather service says that lightning can strike up to 10 miles from the main body of a thunderstorm. If you can hear thunder, then you can be struck. Lightning can also enter open windows and doors to stike people indoors.

Armageddon Clouds ~

Iowa woman's photo sparks push for new cloud type.This picture that was captured in june 2006, shows the lights and darks from the shadows of the clouds against the greenish yellow backdrop. It has scientiests stumpted as to what kind of cloud it is. There are three main groups of clouds: cumulous, cirrus, and stratus. Each has various subclassifications built on other details of the formation.

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Station Updates ~

~ We'd like to thank you for your patience as we made a few much needed changes to our system. Our Grass Valley studio has been updated, we have expanded our music collection, and were broadcasting live again !!! Also this month, OMEN is launching a few new radio shows, so check out our schedule for details. We'd love to hear feedback from you listeners, so email us at ~