Art Cars ~

This is Ripper the friendly shark, he began life as a Nissan Sentra and is just one of many creations roaming out on the open road. You can view an editorial slideshow collection of Art Cars online at: From dragons to torpedoes to sharks to telephones, having been transformed by owners who consider the car a canvas rather than just a simple mode of transportation. They use paint, glue, caulk, sheet metal and screws — along with elements of "artistic" flair. A non-profit museum will be built in several phases over the next three years, and will open its doors to the public in the fall of 2010. The Art Cars shown here are currently at Art Car World and will be available for viewing by the public by personal appointment only starting in Fall 2008. For appointments and further information, please email: or write to: Art Car World, 450 East 8th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607 ~